Search Engine Optimization for lasting results.

Search engine technology is constantly changing as Google, Yahoo and Bing alter their methods for consumers. Coding is increasingly becoming far less important than content for your site, and so too is local relevance. Though you will still find people who will “guarantee” you the top spot in Google, the truth is those promises are nothing more than hype to get you to sign. Don’t believe it? Tell those companies you will pay when they get you to the #1 spot or ask for a guarantee you will stay there and watch them run for cover!

Want the top spot in Google? Pay them for it! The only way to guarantee the #1 spot in Google is to be the highest bidder in paid search for a keyword. Search engine optimization that will create lasting results involves creating content that is worthy of ranking. Our team of writers will create that content for your site and submit it to sites of authority in your business category.

How we are different. We begin with an in-depth keyword and competitor analysis of your site, category and desired search phrases. We also look at the areas where your brand or products are available to determine what kind of search optimization will be most effective. We then take those insights and generate content that intelligently incorporates key phrases to achieve the best rankings.

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