What does 2014 hold for the versatile channel of Email Marketing?

A recent Forbes article states that 57 percent of marketers plan to increase the number of emails they send out in 2014 with 49 percent of respondents planning to send over a half a million emails in 2014. 67 percent of marketers say that email is core to their business and the best path to increase marketing ROI. Here are a couple of advances in email marketing that are set to take place in 2014.

More engagement, more revenue. – Email has evolved rapidly and, with the prevalence of tablets and smartphones, consumers are expecting to be engaged on a more personal level. Truly optimized, timely content is key for marketers. Engaging customers with promotions, new products, loyalty programs and prompting them to complete an unfinished shopping cart are KEY examples of how you can make that connection.

More visual and more functionality. – Video email. Interactive email. For years, the term “interactive” has also been a synonym for online or digital. Today, the term interactive is used to describe some type of give-and-take, a two-way communication between advertisers and audiences, according to a new eMarketer report, “Interactive Video Advertising: Seven Best Practices for a New Ad Channel.” The following elements contribute to interactive video:

[ul style=”1″]
[li]A clickable button for engagement via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and so forth. [/li]
[li]An ad selector, giving audience members a choice among multiple categories. [/li]
[li]A click, rollover or other user action that initiates further content. [/li]
[li]Some type of call to action within the video player, where the ad pauses and expands in a new window in which the audience can interact. [/li]

Although still in its early stage, growth is expected to be rapid for interactive video advertising.

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