Can your customers find you when they are ready to buy?

Search Engine Optimization has become a catch-all term online, but what a local business needs is local search optimization. So you have built a great website, and maybe even paid someone to “seo” the site. Unfortunately the major search engines have long since stopped paying attention to just the content of your site. If you own a retail business that depends on foot traffic, then local search optimization is key to having new customers be able to find you. But where do you begin?

Managing your local presence. Your physical location has just one address, whereas your digital location is a combination of the most frequented directories, local news outlets, websites and other presences where potential clients might search for you. We ensure that your website appears prominently when customers are looking for your services, and stay ahead of the changing trends in search technology to make sure you stay on top.

Locally optimized for mobile. Over 230 million adults in the U.S. own a mobile device. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more prevalent every day. The latest numbers show that 75% of adults in the U.S. own a mobile device. We optimize your listings to show in mobile searches results, mobile directories and mobile installed map and direction applications.

Analytics and Reporting. The proof is in the positioning. We provide monthly reporting to show you how your physical location listing is improving and pull comparative data for competitors in the area.

To find out how local search optimization brings more customers in your door give us a call.