Social Media Marketing requires genuine engagement.

We are firm believers in the “social” part of social media marketing. We are not focused on the number of followers our brands have, but the level of engagement with real people. A truly social brand both speaks to and listens to people, and does so by delivering value within the content.

How we work. We start conversations between brands and people to engage and to gain valuable insight. We gain insight into how people perceive the brand and use this knowledge to develop the voice for the brand. This is then carried across other relevant social presences, moving your brand from simply posting to being heard.

Benefiting from changes in technology. What is your social media reach. We stay on top of the constant changes being made and leverage that technology to improve the brand’s level of engagement with its audience. Whether that means a change in an existing platform’s methods or the emergence of a new platform within a category, we are there to assess and modify as needed. We don’t believe it is always advantageous to be first, but in the right scenario, it can mean becoming an influencer in a category, and a leg up on the competition.

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