Test, Test, Test, Test… did I mention you should test?

One of the keys to building successful Pay Per Click text ads for your campaign is to ensure you are testing and measuring numerous variations of your ads. Is it possible to hit the exact right combination of words in the 100 characters you get to communicate your message to the thousands of people who will see it? Yes! But if you did and never tested other variations you would never know that the one you chose was a winner.

One often overlooked area is capitalization and we have seen it have significant impact on a text ad’s performance. This is one area where the things you do may make your 5th grade English teacher cringe, but then again Mrs. GoodSpell is not necessarily in the target demo for your ad.

Many PPC experts employ what is referred to as Title Casing, which is capitalizing ever word in your text ad with the exception of “of”, “it”, “a” and so on. This lends to readability of the and can help it stand out against others you are competing against.

Another common strategy is to capitalize the keywords when repeated in your ad body. Here are a couple of examples of ads running right now under a search for “super bowl food”

Title Casing Example
Super Bowl Recipes‎
Free Recipes From Kraft Foods.
Find & Share Your Favorite Dishes!

Keyword Capitalization Example
Superbowl Party at Amazon‎
Buy Superbowl party at Amazon!
Free shipping on qualified orders.

It may seem a small or insignificant thing, but if you are running a lower volume campaign and your ad is getting 100,000 impressions per month, a difference of 1% click through rate can mean an additional 1,000 visitors to your landing pages. That should be well worth testing!